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Simple Website

Establishing online presence is a ladder with many steps but it all begins with a website. This will be where all your company’s information will be stored where it can be easily accessed by all your potential clients. Your website will be a reflection of your brand, your identity as a business and we understand that it is one of the foundational steps to creating a lasting business.

Creating a website is one of the hardest tasks you will have to do. Why? Because it will make you think not only about your business, but also:

– Your brand
– Your colours and what they represent
– Who your target audience is
– What value you bring to the market place
– What your focus will be (products and services)
– What is your USP (Unique Strategic Position)
– What type of Sales funnel you would like to design
– How you are going to take your clients on a fun journey to their end goal.

Our Steps in this process are as follows:

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Ecommerce Website

An ecommerce website is simply put an online shop. The best way to describe it would be, instead of having a physical location where you show your items for sale, you instead have a website that showcases those items via images or even video.

The advantage of having an ecommerce store is the low overhead costs. All you are doing in processing an order someone has made so that the item is delivered on time to its location.

If you have an idea for an ecommerce website, let us help you find the best way to design and expand your idea into something that you can be proud of.

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Platform Website

Some of the benefits of having your own platform are:

– You control all the information, the design and development
– You accumulate a database of users who you can guide on their
– You can joint venture with the right people to leverage your platform,
   grow it and sell it if you so desire.
– You can continually upgrade it based on user feedback.
– You can systematise it and introduce aspects that make the platform
   go viral and grow automatically.

If you have an idea for a platform that will add massive value to the marketplace, we would love to help you turn your vision into reality. Contact one of our experts or book a strategy call below and lets get started.

What is a platform and how is it different to a website?

A website is an information site, with minimal interactivity and powered by media, 3rd party integrations (example http://mailchimp.com) and links to other pages inside the website.

A platform is a website built with self contained specific functionality like:

– User accounts (example http://dropbox.com)
– User interaction (example http://ebay.com)
– Specific functionality (example http://kickstarter.com)
– Restricted information access to members (example http://udemy.com)
– Interaction between users (example http://tinder.com)

It is a website that allows users to signup, have an account, have information stored that they create or access (example http://udemy.com), interact with other users of the site, take specific actions, earn rewards, badges, etc.

Platform development is becoming very popular, as the costs to develop has widely decreased and the use of platforms and their intuitiveness has become commonplace amongst the masses.

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