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Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the best ways to reach your audience, keep them up to date with your product or service and more importantly keep you at the front of their minds.

It also a great way to upsell your products or services so customers that missed out on purchasing from your business. Whether you already have an established database or need one created for you, we can capitalise on this accumulated customer details to convert pre-existing customers or even new customers into active customers.

A customer that engages with your business is the customer you want. We also automate this process so that it consistently brings in new clients for you without you having to lift a finger, leaving you more time for the things that are important to you.

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Target The Right People, At The Right Time, Using The Right Media

Consumers use a variety of devices to access the internet everyday, ranging from tablets to phones to laptops to computers and not to mention the different social media networks that are accessed millions of times a day. We know that in order to target the right people for your business we need to know who is searching for you. Going out and finding each individual that is interested in giving you business is far too hard, so we make them come to you. Using paid and organic traffic generation we can point people looking for you to the right place. Services such as Google and Facebook ads all help facilitate this need. The ads we create for you need to point to the right place in your website and over time using the detailed information we get from these services we can continue to improve the traffic generation process.

From here, once they arrive at your site, we make them an offer that they simply cannot refuse and move them into our closing funnel. For those that don’t, we employ retargeting tactics that intelligently ‘follows’ them around the web reminding them of what a great business they are missing out on. Once these customers are in the database we create for you the rest is easy. Following our nurturing sequence we help create an automated system that helps turn leads to clients all by itself. Think of all the things you could do with the extra time!

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Project Management System

A neat and organised business is imperative, but sometimes it may be all too hard. Business might be booming and a tonne of clients are coming to you, but what happens if their transactions and details aren’t recorded properly or are hard to find when you need them the most. Using our project management system we can organise the entire transaction process from customer to client. Staff information can even be recorded to further streamline your business, allowing you to know who is doing what for each job you take on. All you have to do next is put your feet up and relax.

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