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Everyone who lands on this page want us to generate more leads for them, that obviously leads to more sales.
Let us talk you through how we help you increase your sales using our simple but very effective formula.

We all know Pareto’s principle (the 80/20 rule). Essentially it is safe to assume that 80% of your income comes from 20% of your business. So rather than wasting time and resources on the 80% (of not so great clients) why not generate clients that are similar to your top 20% of “ideal” clients? This is a simple explosive growth formula used to quadruple your business in a year.

Wanting more sales begins with identifying or better understanding your target market and your IDEAL clients. This allows you to work with the best clients possible, as they will appreciate the value you bring to the table, the work that you do and the ROI that they get from your services. Working with your Ideal clients benefits not only your health but also your business.

“Why my health you ask?” good question. Well, when you do your best work, and your client does not understand what you have done…. they do not appreciate the work. When they do not appreciate the work, you strive to please them and are not rewarded for it. When you get into this cycle, you end up sabotaging your success, as working with the wrong client can drain your time and resources, which ultimately is a cost to your business and the stress has an impact on your health.

So identifying your target market and ideal client is paramount, as we want you to be serving that calibre of clients only. Every tactic, strategy and piece of collateral we create for you, will be targeted to you getting those clients that you deem Ideal and hence leads to a much more fulfilling experience for you, your client and your business.

Once we have identified your ideal client, you already know everything that ails them, their problems, their perfect solution (your product), their thinking, their objections, their current state of mind. Together we craft this information into the right message, showing them how you or your product can solve their problems. Designing the right collateral (ads, campaigns, landing pages, website, brochure, etc) is crucial to bringing in the people that need your business or service the most.
Now that we know exactly who your ideal clients are, what they are thinking about, where they are located, where they hang out, what are their hobbies, what are the solutions they are after; we design a campaign to target market directly to the medium’s where they hang out so they can see your proposed solution. There are a variety of networks with some of the most popular being Facebook, Google, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc and by using the information we gathered about your client, we craft a campaign to put your proposed ad in front of them to entice them to engage it and delve further into your solution.
Once people start seeing these ads and clicking them we know that the ads are working. From here we bring them to an offer page where we make them an irresistible offer that is too good to refuse.

If they choose the amazing offer we presented (crafted with your help) to them on the page, then one of two things will happen. They will either book to have a chat with you on the phone or contact you directly on the spot. This is when the sales conversion starts.

Backup strategy, if they do not want your Main offer, there is also a counter offer on the page, which is used to get them into your marketing funnel so that that lead is not wasted and can still be converted in your sales cycle at some point.

The counter offer should be something that they can use immediately and is free, for example “The 7 Scientifically proven strategies used by the worlds top companies to grow exponentially.” As soon as they choose this option, their details will be put into your database of potential clients and followed up automatically with your CRM system.

We then bring them through our follow up sequence, be it emails or direct mail, we create opportunities that call them to action.

At this point they should be educated about your services and realise their problems can be solved using your main offer. This process has been proven to convert highly time and time again and we want to give this leverage to you!

Converting those potential clients into active clients of your business is what we strive for. We provide sales training to revitalise your sales scripts so you can close those deals asap! Improved scripts means improved conversions and that means improved sales, a perfect circle!
Now that you have the system working for you, leads coming in, converting to clients and going through an education process about your products and services it’s time to implement this into all of your available products and services to increase your profit centres.
To have a chat about how we can generate more sales for you and your business.

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