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How to build your brand, cut through the marketing noise and stand out from the crowd.

Creating a good brand image is hard work, from picking the colours to creating the logos and brochures; it’s all rather complicated. But worry no more! At My Alliance we have a team a people that’s equipped to handle all your branding creation needs. We help you increase your brand visibility and credibility and help you create an indispensable brand that consumers relate to, thuse becoming life long clients.

We help you create a brand that will open doors for you, people will want to do business with you because they will know, like and trust you. It allows you to sell higher ticket products and services as your positioning will be set as a premium brand.

Choose from the following branding services:

Logo Design
Brochure Design
Business Cards
Folder Design
Impact Video Creation

After learning about your business, we help you decide on the colours and fonts to use for all your branding, the icons and imagery to use to resonate with your ideal clientele. Key aspects of branding that will build your authority and likeability by your clients.

Remember consistency is key! Since the logo is in all of your branding we create that first. We draw up some concepts and designs for your logo and meet with you online or in person to discuss what we’ve created for you. If you are happy with what we’ve made we can then go ahead and create the rest of what you’ve chosen but if you aren’t we can easily amend any changes you’d like to be made and meet with you again to discuss again those changes.

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Target The Right People, At The Right Time, Using The Right Media

Your clients use a variety of devices to access the internet everyday, ranging from tablets to phones to laptops to computers and not to mention the different social media networks too. Using this knowledge we know that in order to target the right people for your business we need to know where they are, what they are doing, and what their main interests are.

Going out and finding each individual that is interested in giving you business is far too hard, so we make them come to you. Using paid and organic traffic generation we can guide your ideal clients to your business and products.

Services such as Google and Facebook ads all help facilitate this need. The ads we create for you need to point to the right place in your website and over time using the detailed information we get from these services we can continue to improve the lead generation process.

From here, once they arrive at your site, we make them an offer that they simply cannot refuse and move them into our closing funnel. For those that don’t, we employ retargeting tactics that intelligently ‘follows’ them around the web reminding them of what a great business they are missing out on. Once these customers are in the database we create for you the rest is easy. Following our nurturing sequence we help create an automated system that helps turn leads to clients all by itself.

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Direct Mail Marketing

What if you are trying to get a high profile lead but your email campaign just isn’t doing the job of getting their attention? What if you are looking to do business with a company but your emails are being ignored? Then Direct Mail Marketing may be the answer for you.

With Direct Mail Marketing you have the option of making your mail chunky, but what does that mean? Imagine, instead of receiving a normal letter from someone, you send them a large envelope with brochures and perhaps even your book so that can’t help but open it out of curiosity. They are then exposed to your great offers and realise a wealth of knowledge for free. They will definitely be more inclined now, more than ever, to contact you.

Lets get started creating a strategy for your Direct Marketing campaign.

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